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Maintaining A Clean Yard

People with homes that have gardens often find themselves in a dilemma of maintaining the gardens from time to time. Some gardens are complete with flowers and/or trees which occasionally shed during certain seasons like fall. After falling off, leaves dry up and become brown making the yard not appear beautiful. Sometimes, weeds grow with the plants, and this makes the garden look unclean and they also negatively affect the normal growth of the plants. A a bit of advice can be instrumental in keeping a yard beautiful and tidy.

Leaf and flower shedding can be a good thing. Nitrogen contained in plants can be useful to other growing plants. The yard keeper can collect the leaves by the use of hands which is quite tiresome. A heap of leaves can also be perfectly made with the aid of a rake. This work is an aim when one decides to practice composting. This is choosing to store the gathered leaves at a set location most of the times a pit to the alternative of combusting them or dumping them as rubbish. With time, the compost will be ready for harvest and can be used to fuel other plant growth. This is one way a person can manage the yard by turning trash into a valuable source of manure for a garden.

There are various approaches to dealing with weed plants. Preventing their growth in the way of proactive is one. This can be achieved by mulching. This is the placing of a layer of organic material on the ground surface not covered by the important plants. The organic characteristic ensures no effect on plant growth. Grass is organic and thus is the best option. In time, grass also breaks down to manure and also helps the soil to retain water.

Keeping a yard free of bugs is a hard thing to do especially if there are many flowers in it. This can be managed by reducing the surface covered by such flower producing plants. When one is employing the use of pots they make bugs reduce in number. When using the potting method, the garden is sure always to be clean and tidy. The yard has a lot of germs which brings about the importance of maintaining a tidy garden. When tidying up, a person not willing to make a compost can use a leaf blower to bring together the leaves because it is much more time saving and efficient that way.

While a home owner is cleaning the yard; they should bear in mind maintaining a good level of hygiene. One should always ensure they have worn boots and gloves on when cleaning and handling the dirt.

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