A Short Semarang Travel Guide for You that May Come in Handy

A semarang travel guide is of grave importance if you are currently on your way to the city. You may think that everything will fold out once you get there but it would not be that simple with this city. Unlike Bali or other more famous travel destinations in Indonesia, Semarang is hardly a place that is easy to read. Sure, the city boasts impressive landmarks that are not at all difficult to spot but you would not know if it is a right time to go in there or if the spot is made available for tourists. The city is not a place regularly visited by tourists hence it can be regarded as somewhat not so popular. This low-key city, while featuring some of the best attractions on the Island of Java, is less exposed, resulting in minimal blow-up for exactly those features. Documentation for those features and attractions may only turn in little to no results and you will be left with more to do than before.

The synergy between semarang travel guide and points of interest would give you the kind of experience that would make your trip to the city unforgettable. The guide will direct you to those points more precisely so you do not need to wander aimlessly across the streets, with or without exact results.

Alternatively, you can always take a semarang travel guide and tour package. All of your needs will be taken care of—all you need to do is just follow the tour guide and enjoy what is being presented to you at the moment. Take in the view and rich cultural values Semarang has in store to offer you. Make sure that your tour itinerary in the city to include at least the following:

  1. Simpang Lima

The city’s middle part is perhaps also the most crowded spot there. It is where the locals gather and enjoy various kinds of food and drinks and you can also spot some interesting stores that sell branded fashion items at alluring prices around these junctions.

  1. LawangSewu

Perhaps the city’s most iconic landmark, this complex was at one point in the past a train office for the Dutch and at other was a Japanese military post. Get a chance to wander at Indonesia’s most haunted place.

  1. Srigunting Street

This short strip of lane in Semarang Old Town is perhaps more known for its collection of antiques and vintage goods. It is a sanctuary for antique-lovers where they can enjoy purchasing old-style items to add to their collection.

  1. Old Town

The Old Town area itself is packed with attractions and sources of excitements. You can see the European-style Blenduk Church, which is Semarang’s oldest church. PeraoeLajar cigarette factory is still in operation today after first operating all the way back in Dutch colonial days. Spiegel Bar and Restaurant is around this area as well, an establishment that takes place in an old building that brings you that retro sensation to be excited for.


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